Meet Ms. Jen

Hi, I'm Jennifer but my students call me Ms. Jen!

I currently live in Rochester, MN and am a certified Let's Play Music instructor. I have been teaching Let's Play Music in my home for nine years and I LOVE it! I have also taught private violin and piano lessons for 20 years, with training in Let's Play Music, Suzuki and traditional methods as well as a BA degree in Elementary Education from Arizona State University.

In addition to my teaching background, I have many years of experience in performing, including as the Concertmaster violinist of the Tempe Symphony in Tempe, Arizona, solo performances in Chicago, Illinois, and participating in hundreds of concerts and recitals throughout the Phoenix valley with various symphonies and musical ensembles.

I am married to a professional cellist and have three boys who are budding musicians themselves as well as a toddler daughter (yes she is the princess of the house!). My two oldest sons are Let's Play Music graduates and are continuing their musical training in both cello and piano. My youngest son is in the middle of his Let's Play Music journey (2nd year) and my little daughter is excited to start Sound Beginnings as a White Horse this fall!

If you have never seen a Let's Play Music class in action then feel free to come and observe one of the classes I am currently teaching. Email me at to schedule a visit or answer any questions you might have about Let's Play Music.

The function of beauty in the education of children is to lead them imperceptibly to love, through sensory experience, what they will afterwards learn to know in its own form as an intelligible principle.