Fun for Students!

Interval Practice
For all parents of second year students, this is a quick, fun practice to help cement intervals into your student's brain. This game will show you how many intervals you got right and will also tell you the correct answer if you get one wrong.

Treble C and Bass C
This is a quick, fun practice to help review Bass C and Treble C.

Name those white keys
Practice your 'keyboard geography' and really learn the names of those white keys. 

Summer Supplement:
Want to get ahead this summer and be extra prepared for Purple Magic? Download this optional packet that can be done throughout the summer (be sure to click and print all five of the links below). A great prize will be rewarded for those who complete the entire practice log and theory pages! Have fun!

Practice Log
Theory Pages
Music Part 1
Music Part 2
Music Part 3


Name the Notes on the Staff / Say it and Play it
Sing the song to help your 3rd Year student name ALL of the lines and spaces in both the treble and bass clef.